"What A Unicorn Knows" Authors from Insight Partners: Book Deep Dive

Our Guests: Pablo Dominguez and Matthew E. May of Insight Partners , a leading global asset management firm with over $90 billion in assets under management and an extensive portfolio of software investments. Their recent book, "What a Unicorn Knows", draws on their extensive experience working with successful startups and provides a guide for achieving rapid but lasting growth.

Episode Topics:
  • Streamlining experimentation with existing processes. 
  • How shortening “quote to cash” is a common lean process and accelerated value improvement in their work with portfolio companies?
  • The perils of an over reliance on data-backed predictions for experimentation validity.
  • Integrating experimentation strategies into your work and job descriptions.
  • Responding to whether “visionary” or “optimizer” CEO/Founder types do better in their S.C.A.L.E framework, Matt and Pablo give their views on the foundational elements driving success.
Episode Resources:

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"What A Unicorn Knows" Authors from Insight Partners: Book Deep Dive
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