Matt Slotnick - Co-Founder + CEO of Poggio Labs, An AI Sales Workspace

Our Guest: Matt Slotnick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Poggio Labs, an AI Sales Workspace purpose-built for Account Executives. Poggio is backed by Accel and Spark Capital.

Episode Topics:
  • Understanding end-user workflows in GenAI applications.
  • How understanding customer workflows influences team construction?
  • How Poggio Labs handles the new challenge of managing user expectations for AI.
  • Insights and lessons from early adopters of Poggio Labs software.
  • Potential competitive tensions arising from intersecting workflows.
  • Matt’s take on incumbent’s ability to innovate and why the “data is the new oil” narrative might not be true
  • How does an iterative approach drive real product innovation?
  • Implications for building AI versus established playbooks in SaaS.
  • What aspects of Poggio are generating raving enthusiasm among users?
  • Matt’s lessons learned from his cycling passion applied to entrepreneurship and company building.

Thread on building AI products + emerging moats:

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Matt Slotnick - Co-Founder + CEO of Poggio Labs, An AI Sales Workspace
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