Andy Wilson - Co-Founder + Former CEO of Logikcull - A Big Exit, AI Realities, + 19 Lessons From 19 Years

Our Guest: Andy Willson, Co-Founder and former CEO of Logikcull, a cloud-based eDiscovery solution trusted by hundreds of legal teams to automate discovery and legal holds for disputes, subpoenas, investigations, record requests, and more. After 19 years of building, Logikcull was acquired by Reveal in late August 2023.

Episode Topics:
  • How Andy is feeling post-exit.
  • How Logikcull created an inbound GTM motion with product-led growth dynamics.
  • Andy's insights into managing customer expectations in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) in legal tech.
  • Andy's advice and strategies for people outside legal tech expanding into AI.
  • We then dive deep into Andy’s excellent “19 Lessons From 19 Years” 
  • “#1.  The team you build is the company you build. Want to build a great company? Find great people and never settle”.
  • “#4.  Get written agreements for the work you need done, not assumed expectations. ASSUME = ASS + U + ME.”
  • “#5.  Hire leaders that run at high tempos with high energy & high capability. The team will mirror them and the force will multiply.”
  • “#8.  Build something people want and value. Price accordingly.”
  • “#9. No customers -> No employees -> No revenue -> No business. Focus on customers and have all employees, especially engineers, frequently interact with customers. This will create empathy and empathy drives urgency.”
  • “#16.  Small teams with high agency & chips on their shoulders will win. Keep your teams small and give them the direction & freedom to succeed. More customers and more revenue is > more employees. “Chips on shoulders puts chips in pockets.” - Josh Wolfe”
  • “#18.  Extinction-level events will happen (we had a few ourselves =). The team you build will define whether your business lives or dies during these times. So, when in doubt, hire for grit. Tough times don’t last. But tough people do.”
  • “#19.  Never give up.”
  •  A final question: How did Andy maintain a healthy relationship with a co-founder for two decades?

“19 Lessons From 19 Years” Twitter Thread:

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Andy Wilson - Co-Founder + Former CEO of Logikcull - A Big Exit, AI Realities, + 19 Lessons From 19 Years
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